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Twitterbots, or how I learned to code and annoy the web

The internet is full of people spouting their opinions into the void, and boy do they have opinions. The problem is that if you search hard enough, you can find someone to agree with you. There must be an infinite amount of opinions floating about on the web. Or must there? I wasn’t sure, so I created CrowdersBot to make it happen.

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Catfood vs Dogfood

Which is tastier, dog food or cat food? Everyone’s favourite Jim finds out first-hand, so you don’t have to.

Ear Whacks

Ear wax candles, a traditional cure for a common problem. But do they work or are they just bollocks?

How to Suck an Egg

What the hell does it mean, and how do you actually do it. Questions that have plagued mankind for years answered by Everyone’s Favourite Jim.

How to Pull a Sickie and Keep Your Job

Sometimes you just don’t want to go into work, and who can blame you. Everyone’s Favourite Jim is here to help you take a day off without being fired.

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Braving the chill to see the Veteran Car Run #londontobrighton #veterancarrun



The Silverstone Experience is a great few hours out if you’re in the area. A really nice interactive museum, explaining the history of the track, coupled with the evolution of the cars over the years.



So, that happened.



Bloody cyclists, holding up traffic!



Some guy wrote on my hat. @BritishGP @Silverstone



Ready for FP3