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Number Twelve – Happy New Year

Hey look! It’s 2008! It’s the time of year for forgiveness and resolutions. Forgiveness from you guys because I haven’t updated the site in months, and resolutions from me because I plan to keep it more up to date. I have a lot of things in the pipeline for the site, more crayzee experiments, more crayzee videos, and more crayzee erm… crayzeeness. So sit back, enjoy, this is the shape of things to come.

This week: Parent’s Guide to the Net, Tiger Piglets, Lyrics finder, Lip Dub, Groovy dancing girl and more.


Parent’s Guide to the What Their Kids are Doing on the Net

There are a lot of guides out there to inform parents on how to monitor and protect their children from the dangers of the internet, mostly written by other parents, mostly a lot of bollocks. The teenagers have fought back, and one has written his own guide straight from the heart. Favourite quote: “MySpace, Facebook, LifeJournal, and other “social networking sites” are not dangerous and are not routinely patrolled by perverts looking to fuck your kid.”

Animal Fosterers

Sometimes it happens; one species of animal will take care of the babies of another… but Tigers and piglets?! How cute is this!

Thirty Minute Moustache

There are perils with using an electric shaver, and one of them is the fact that it could break halfway through shaving, leaving you unwanted facial hair. This is a story of a guy’s unwanted moustache.

How Much Do You Know About Movies?

Well? How much? If you don’t know how much you know, then you can always visit this link and find out. Then you’ll know… you know.

Christianity – What’s it all about?

Take a step back and have a think, what’s it really all about… this may not be sympathetic, but it’s not wrong.

Lyrics Finder

Ever heard a song on the radio and later forgot what it was called and who it was by, but you do remember the catchy chorus? This is where you need to go. Enter just a few words from the song and it’ll give you the info straight away. No more head scratching.


Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

This is a pretty cool video, and these guys look like they work for a cool company, and one of them has a cool t-shirt. There’s nothing not cool about this.

Back Tattoo Remover

Studies show that after smoking and having sex having a back tattoo is one of the coolest things a young girl can do. But now you’re not young anymore, you’re not even close. So what can you do?

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

At first you’d be forgiven that this was a bit shit, but bare with the hands aimlessly bobbing around because you’re in for a big surprise. Described as “Sign language for the beat hop generation” this is a brilliantly original and well executed idea.

Groovy Dancing Girl

Now you know the song from watching the hands video, watch someone dance like a loon to it. This girl is indeed groovy, and dancing.

Geeky Google Hacks

Do you want to use Google to download music files? How about to remotely control networked video cameras? Watch this video to learn how. Part 1 in a series of 4.

Condom Aquarium

Condoms are very useful for keeping your spunk from where it shouldn’t be. It’s also great for a self-sustained aquarium. “Whaaa?!” I hear you say. Watch and learn my friends, watch and learn.



Two lines of balls, two sides, one winner. Knock your opponent’s balls off the board until there are none left. So simple yet strangely addictive.

Invisible Cursor

Think you’ve got good spatial awareness? What about good virtual spatial awareness? Try to hit the targets whilst your mouse cursor is invisible. It’s pretty tricky.

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