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Norway attacked by UFOs!

Norway UFO SpiralWas Norway attacked by UFOs last night, the epicentre of a blackhole forming, or just another cock-up by the Russians? For ten minutes

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Splashing kids is a crime

Today it has been reported that a 29 year old woman is going to be charged with reckless and careless driving after posting a video of herself on YouTube ploughing through a puddle of water, deliberately soaking a bunch of kids. How ridiculous is that?! Especially ridiculous when it turns out the kids actually asked to her to splash them!

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Ralph Lauren takes down pants

It would seem Ralph Lauren aren’t quite so happy with their art department as they used to be. A recent advert that was heavily (and badly) photoshopped made it on to the interweb for all to criticise and poke fun at. Good old Ralph was a little displeased and sent nasty letters to the various sites to take it down.

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Jim predicts the lottery

This morning Derren Brown announced to the world that this Wednesday night he is going to predict the lottery results before they happen. Everyone’s favourite Jim had an idea, and reckons that he too can predict lottery numbers before they are drawn, using pasta and potatos.

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Google Streetview driver arrested

It would appear that Google Streetview drivers think they are a law unto themselves. However, one such driver in Bradford thought he’d quickly nip down a lane that was meant for buses and taxis only, but wasn’t expecting the long arm of the law to be behind him. He also didn’t realise the whole thing would be documented on Google Maps!

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Why hippies are full of crap

“Woah! What’s all this?” I hear you cry, and I would say “Don’t cry, it’s just new content.” So what’s it all about? Well, I came across a video on YouTube of an uneducated hippy comparing a condom to a sieve and informing viewers that “condoms don’t offer real protection from STDs, especially AIDS.” What a load of shit. So I have created the following video in response.

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