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Splashing kids is a crime

Splashing kids is a crime

Today it has been reported that a 29 year old woman is going to be charged with reckless and careless driving after posting a video of herself on YouTube ploughing through a puddle of water, deliberately soaking a bunch of kids. How ridiculous is that?! Especially ridiculous when it turns out the kids actually asked to her to splash them!

Kerry Callard, of Plymouth, was filmed by her boyfriend, Alec Goff, driving down a hill toward the puddle next to a bus stop populated by a bunch of kids.

Alec gives the running commentary, shouting “That was brilliant! Awesome!” after drenching the little shits, and he was right, it was awesome.

See for yourself:

The video was viewed a few hundred times, but quickly removed after a number of people complained to the police. That’s right, they saw a video on the internet and complained to the police!

Kerry was questioned by police at the weekend, but hasn’t been charged or arrested yet. 

She claims she only did it because the children had asked to be splashed and had ‘enjoyed’ getting wet.

“The kids were actually calling to us to splash them,” she said.

“They were having fun in the bad weather. The fun factor is mostly gone from life these days but they were playing in puddles, like kids always have done.”

“If the kids weren’t saying “Splash me, splash me”, I certainly wouldn’t have done it. I’m not a serial splasher.”

Bollocks Kerry! We all know you’d have done it again, just like any of us. We’d have done it because it’s hilarious. As for the kids asking for you to do it? Well, it’d be rude not to. 

A spokesman for the AA said: “Driving fast through standing water is inconsiderate and illegal.”

“You could face a hefty fine and between three and nine penalty points if the police believe you were driving without reasonable consideration to other road users.”

Not only has this made National news (national news for fuck sake!) but it’s also made it over the pond, and has been featured on CNN for the amusement of our retarded cousins in the colonies. 

Watch the CNN report here. 

So Kerry gets the big thumbs up from everyone’s favourite Jim for bringing a little bit of joy and happiness into everyone’s lives.

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Id have splashed them too! Well done to her for doing it!


That women from CNN is taking it soooooo seriosly. They obviously had a really slow news day over there.


So you’ve left AO without even saying goodbye – how rude lol

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