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A character generator. Uses popular Victorian forenames and abandoned UK villages for surnames. More tools to come.

Being involved in writing and self-publishing, I see a lot of writers struggling with coming up with good character names. Having already tried my hand at coding a twitterbot with crowdersbot I decided to create one that generated characters.

@botwriters uses Victorian forenames and couples them with old abandoned UK villages to create the surnames.

I thought the names looked a bit lonely so thought they should be paired with a character description.

The descriptions use random wordlists to populate templates made from famous character descriptions in literature and film.

He’s in no way perfect, a lot of the words he uses contradict each other, so there will be a version 2 at some stage. I also have plans for him to generate writing prompts too.

You can see how I learnt to code twitterbots here – Twitterbots, or how I learned to code and annoy the web

Here are some of his top tweets:

If you have any suggestion on anything else I could do with him, let me know below.

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