Wagatha Christie Guess Who

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Coleen Rooney has been struggling with someone feeding the UK tabloids with stories about her. Guessing the source was her private instagram, Coleen put together a clever scheme to figure out who was the leak.

Turned out… it’s Rebeckah Vardy!

It’s worth the read to see how she was trapped. Here’s the story on the BBC.

I knocked this up swiftly and was shocked how quickly it went viral on Twitter before being posted on Facebook and spread on Whatsapp.

The original tweet.

It was even featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain the following day.

Wagatha Christie Guess Who

A few days later, I decided it wouldn’t be right unless I actually put together a playable version of #WagathaChristie Guess who. So I did.

Wagatha Christie Guess Who

It’s made to fit this version of the game. You can download and print off your own copy here – http://bit.ly/2B5Ey5G

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