Should you go out?

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Due to confusion regarding the current government advice, I decided to create a comprehensive questionnaire that will clarify matters, informing users whether they should go out or not.
Should you go out?

Hey, did you know there’s a pandemic going on outside? Well, there is. You wouldn’t think it though as, just seven weeks into lockdown, loads more people seem to be going out on the streets and just milling about.

You can’t blame all of them, though, as government advice has been vague at best, if not downright misleading.

To give people an easier way of discovering if they should leave the safety of their homes, I created a simple multiple-choice questionnaire that should give users a categorical answer as to whether they should go out or not.


So this thing has blown up bigger than I thought. I shared it on and my own Twitter timeline thinking it might get a few laughs. As of 14th May, it has been shared nearly 40,000 times on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s still going.


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